Welcome to the 2017 Caddo Lake Fun Run official website.


The 2017 Caddo Lake Fun Run will be held Friday, June 9th through Sunday, June 11, 2017 with the main run being held on Saturday, June 10th.

Uncertain, Texas will be the Headquarters for this year's run and will be the center of the festivities.


The 2017 Caddo lake Fun Run will be a fundraiser for the Fight Against Giant Salvinia.  This year we will be donating our proceeds to the Greater Caddo Lake Association (GCLA)

Be sure to check out the "Our Cause" page for all of the details on this invasive plant that is killing Caddo Lake.


T-Shirts will be available for pre-sale and also at the event for $20.  Please be sure to contact us and reserve your shirt today!